Why are your chalks more expensive than others?

Simple we do more ... other chalk companies buy in chalk whack their label on and ship it out! or buy it from china and ship it. We're different we make all of our product by hand. We buy the highest quality raw materials and treat them in our facility, we then add the plant nutrients giving you that extra edge on the rock/plastic and filter it 5 times to get that silk feeling. everything is packaged by hand too. So by the time it reaches you we have quality checked it 5-6 times!

Where can I buy low gravity products?

We are stocked on amazon, local climbing gyms, and you can buy from us direct. If your gym doesnt stock us email through the details and we'll be sure to give them a call.

How do I make my chalk last longer

Our chalk lasts upto 3 times longer than others out there on the market, but heres a little tip we picked up a few years ago. A lot of people have got in the habit of using chalk when they dont really need to. If you seem to be running out of your chalk fast this is the solution, basically find a small cloth or rag (a lens cleaning cloth works quite well) you put the cloth and a tiny amount of chalk in your bag. You then grab the cloth to apply chalk to your hands. This method coats your hands evenly and you use less chalk. I bet no other companies will tell you that! ;)

What size chalk do I buy?

Everyones different, but below are a few guide lines to help you choose: 65g - 1-2 (boulder bucket fills) 125g - 2-4 (boulder bucket fills) 250g - 3-6 (boulder bucket fills) Make sure to check out the how to make your chalk last longer section above.

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