Chalk Paste 150ml - Hand Care Built-In

Chalk Paste 150ml - Hand Care Built-In

Our chalk paste helps you apply exactly the amount of chalk you want right where you want it with no messing about, it's quick-drying & you use less too, with it being a paste you can use much less than traditional thinner liquid chalks, our 150ml paste is the equivalent of 250-300ml of standard liquid chalk.


It not only helps kill bacteria but has active ingredients to help you look after your hands.

- Anti-inflammatory properties!

- Removes Excess Oils, increasing friction over other brands!

- Helps to boost circulation!

- 70% Alcohol content for the most effective germ kill (don't take our word for it have a quick google yourself).


There's no other chalk like it! [Patent Pending]




Chalk Paste Ingredients: 

Alcohol, Magnesium Carbonate, Hamamelis, Eucalyptus

It's really up to you how much you apply, everyone's different, we recommend starting out with a large pea size and rechalks just a tiny blob on each finger tip then alter to your preference from there. 

Chalk is there to keep your skin dry, to give you the best grip on plastic or rock! 

The more chalk you apply, you end up building a layer of chalk which decreases your friction!

You only want a thin layer enough to combat the amount you sweat. 

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