Low Gravity Small Chalk Bag

Low Gravity Small Chalk Bag

The Low Gravity Small Chalk Bag can withstand heavy amounts of abuse. It has an ergonomic sloping shape for easy chalk dips and features, an elastic brush holder and a large zip up rear pocket.


- Heavy duty fabric

- Hipbelt 

- Elastic chalk brush holder

- Zippered back pouch

- Ergonomic shape for chalk reachability


You have the option to buy the bag with some of our premium chalk (handcare built-in) too! Specially formulated to help protect and preserve hands, helping you climb longer and harder. It is infused with natural plant extracts, along with pure Magnesium Carbonate to protect your hands as you climb.


Every bag is hand-packed and Recyclable. 


Premium Blend Features.

- Moisture lock

The chalk creates a barrier, drying the top layer of your skin but locking in moisture below, conditioning your hand as you climb, so your hand won't get shredded like with normal chalks.

- Cool Grip

We have built-in a cooling effect, you won't be able to feel the cold, but by the end of a session, your hands won't be as red-raw like you get from standard chalks. 

- Long-Lasting 

Our chalk lasts up to 3 times longer than other brands out there, so you get to climb more and chalk less.  

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