REFRESH Spray 50ml

REFRESH Spray 50ml

Refresh is an extremely versatile spray we have been developing for quite a while now. Spray it on and rub your hands together, you will feel the grip you gain just by getting rid of excess oils on your skin, making it a great base for our powdered chalk, but the uses dont stop there!



Refresh Uses: 


Spray it on your hands this kills any bacteria, removes any oils on your hands, meaning chalk sticks to you better and it increases your friction! It also soaks into the skin helping boost circulation.


Spray inside your shoes this kills any bacteria and smells that were lurking around in your shoes, and keeps your kicks fresh!


Spray your feet (Lightly) this kills any bacteria and removes any excess oils meaning your shoes will be less likely to get sweaty/greasy and move around while you're climbing. Spraying them once you're finished gives a nice fresh burst and helps keep bacteria at bay! 



A 50ml bottle will give you approximately 500 sprays, depending on how much you climb and how much you use that's close to a year's worth! 



Chalk Paste Ingredients: 

Alcohol, Hamamelis, Eucalyptus GLOBULUS,

It all depends on a few things but below weve given you what we generally do: 


Hands - Spray on one hand 2-3 times and then rub them together until they're dry.

Feet - 1 on the top and 2-3 on the bottom. You can wait until dry or wave your legs around like a mad one. 

Shoes 1-2 sprays down to the toe area and one where your heal sits. 

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