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Own/work at a gym, shop, etc? why not stock our products?

LowGravity is the fastest growing UK climbing brand, offering climbers and fitness people a unique selection of products each with awesome USP's from powdered chalk with handcare built in to stop the rock/plastic from killing hands to liquid chalk with active ingredients that helps to boost circulation.  

We make everything in house, we refuse to just repackage/label cheap products

What We Offer

- Healthy profit margins for resellers.

- Unique products you can get from no other manufacture.

- Actively Advertising.

- Online trade shop for quick purchases.

- Supply prizes for local competitions

Contact us to get access to our online trade shop.

Not sure about stocking us?

For your first purchase buy up to 5 products at trade price and we'll take the cost of the trial off your next purchase. (just drop us an e-mail and let us know that's what you want to do).

T's & C's

We reserve the right to make changes / alter the program

We have the right to share your images to our social media/ website and advertising if tagged

We have the right to refuse service

Prices are only for trade

The delivery address must be a business address. Not residential (Unless agreed prior to purchase).

The order must come though a business email address i.e. (Unless agreed prior to purchase).

A minimum 10 items must be ordered, (unless ordering the retail trial pack T&C's apply).

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